IT Security Services: Testing Your Cyber Security Defenses

Organizations can adopt a variety of security measures to better protect their data and network. But how do they know that these measures are effective?

One of the major areas of growth in IT spending is security testing. Businesses and other organizations can check that their cyber security defenses work well and suit their unique IT set-up.

What are some of the issues to investigate with security testing?

  • The presence of any gaps in cyber security measures, such as devices that remain largely unprotected and may serve as easy points of entry for hackers seeking access to a company’s network. (Vulnerable devices include not only computers, but also routers, wireless printers, Internet-enabled security cameras, and sensors on machinery.)
  • Whether or not cyber security defenses work properly across a variety of scenarios. A recent slideshow from Network World discusses how a key step to establishing a successful incident response plan involves considering different security breach scenarios. Companies should also run simulations to test if the organization is ready for various kinds of cyber attacks.
  • Checking that cyber security defenses include not only initial barriers to access, but also the means to detect unauthorized intrusions and react quickly and effectively to them. If a cyber attack overrides your initial defenses, such as a firewall or anti-malware program, you need to be able to detect it, contain it, and limit its scope.

Organizations need strong security to prevent costly data breaches, preserve customer trust, and comply with a variety of regulations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our IT security services. We offer businesses a reliable way to audit their security measures and conduct tests to check for vulnerabilities.