Never Been Hacked? Are You Sure?

You say your business systems have never been successfully attacked, but do you know that for sure? Many breaches of computer security don’t go noticed for a long time. Yahoo only recently discovered that someone stole information on half a billion accounts two years ago.

It isn’t always obvious when someone has penetrated a system. It could have malware running on it, reporting back to a “command and control” server, without being noticed. Even with anti-malware software, more breaches and infections are missed than caught. Many systems don’t even have that much protection.

The 2013 Target data breach took three months to catch. One reason is that the security software sent so many false positives that the system administrators missed the real problem in all the noise.

Yahoo and Target are huge corporations, but no business is too small to be noticed. Many criminals like going after the small ones, because they’re more likely to make elementary security errors.

Any computer that’s on the Internet will be attacked sooner or later. The best countermeasures prevent as many attempts as possible from succeeding, then check if any have succeeded. Prevention requires a multilayered defense, including spam filtering, Web filtering, and software to guard against malware. Network monitoring for suspicious data activity can catch infections that have already occurred.

The people who design the attacks use sneaky techniques to avoid detection. “Zero day” attacks, which strike before anyone has time to develop countermeasures, are especially likely to get through. Malware constantly changes to avoid having a recognizable “signature.”

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