Make a Plan for Your Business's Network Expansion

If business is booming, your business can grow and take on additional growth opportunities. But every bit of expansion means building up your business’s infrastructure. This can mean more employees, more contractors or third-party service providers, and more equipment. But it also means a more robust network, and that can be a bit problematic.

Did you plan for growth when you built your network?

If you rented an office with a small group of employees, you might have made do with consumer network products. But the same routers you can use in your home or with a small group of people won’t work as the number of users continues to grow.

Check the boxes for your original hardware. If it has estimated caps on the number of frequent users or the amount of usage it can handle, check that against your current numbers. Part of your expansion may need to focus on going back and creating a stronger infrastructure for your network to improve speed, reliability, and options for future functionality.

Why should you plan ahead?

Unless you know your growth is a short-term boom, laying out the groundwork for future expansion is always a smart investment. Not only does it mean you can take advantage of surprise increases in demand, it shows your investors you are confident and prepared for long-term profitability. It also means you can:

Integrate VoIP into your business.

Phones, even when all of your employees have cell phones, aren’t enough. Use call services that operate through your network so you can start to pull data on the frequency of calls, duration, and more. Having better data makes customer support run smoother.

Add security.

Network monitoring programs need space, and getting robust software is more and more important as data becomes more valuable. You can also use more network space for physical security, such as access control and video surveillance.

Expanding your network usage means business is going well, but it also means you need to have a strong enough infrastructure of routers and switches. Go to Kotori Technologies, LLC to make sure you have the tools and support you need.