What Kind of Data Is Your Business Storing?

Accidental data storage is almost impossible to avoid. Every site you and your coworkers visit deposits cookies in your browser. Customers might email you credit card information or personally identifiable information (PII) without your knowledge. Active customer tickets have names, contact details, and even account specifics. Even if you didn’t ask for specific information or mean to store it, your business can still be held responsible for data leaks or related liabilities.

How can you simplify your business’s data responsibilities?

Certain businesses face heavy scrutiny and regulation no matter what your specific service is. If you operate in healthcare services or handle government information, your company will face frequent audits and will need to comply with legislation at all government levels. But if you don’t do business in protected business sectors, then there are a few ways to reduce the burden:

Never collect credit card information.

With the rapid increase in small businesses, especially online businesses, there has been a boom in third-party service providers. These services include checkout and online ‘cart’ management, as well as credit card services. Instead of managing purchases and storing your customers’ credit card information on your own network and hardware, use a third party.

These services specialize in data security and PCI compliance because that’s their business’s primary goal. Use them instead of learning the ropes on your own and staying on top of new regulations so you can focus on your own business’s specialization.

Use a managed IT support service.

Traditional IT support can repair your network after a problem. But that doesn’t mean the problem never happened. Network outages and malware can do everything from crash your site to steal your customers’ and employees’ data. Find a service that actively monitors your network for potential problems and network overloads so the data you have to hold onto is protected.

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