Network Monitoring Needs to Be 24/7

It’s 2 AM. Do you know whether your website is running properly?

The Internet never sleeps, and network problems can’t wait till morning for fixing. Uncaught problems can mean disrupted operations, lost business, and damage to reputations. With around-the-clock network monitoring and support, staff members will address problems as soon as they happen.

Server outages can happen at any time, and people who stay up late or are in different time zones may want to access a site whether it’s day or night. The longer a server is down, the worse it is for a business.

Criminals who try to break in to computers favor hours when no one’s likely to pay attention, including nights and holidays. Fast detection of the attempt allows countermeasures before it can succeed.

A compromised computer on the network might start sending out spam email. Failure to catch it quickly could result in landing on email blacklists.

Network monitoring covers both activity within a business’s LAN or WAN and its interaction with the Internet. It detects any unusual patterns of activity, such as abnormally high access rates. Managed IT Services will promptly investigate strange activity and take action if necessary. If the problem is serious enough, they will notify your designated contact.

Monitoring will also detect non-emergency problems. Excessively high levels of traffic will lead to unacceptably slow response times and perhaps dropped connections. Intermittent disruptions in service may indicate a configuration error or faulty equipment. You’ll then have the information to decide what upgrades will help the situation before it becomes an emergency. Sometimes configuration changes will remedy the situation without any need to invest in new equipment.

Professional network management catches and fixes problems before they become emergencies, and it makes any emergencies that do happen as brief as possible. To learn more about our services, contact us.