Our IT Department

Has your business grown over the past year or so? Do you have more desktop users than you used to? Are you finding yourself having network issues a couple of times a week? Do you get through your week with your fingers crossed that the server won’t freeze up this day? Well you’re not alone. Many businesses today are going through the same thing you are. Unfortunately most owners don’t even want to think about spending money on IT for their business. Cash is King and in today’s economy you need to hold on to all you possibly can. You’ve been told a new server will cost several thousand dollars to replace; it’s just not in the budget right now. Is it ever? You have even research hiring an IT person to come in and help with the day to day operations, “How can I pay an employee more than I make” you’ve thought. Then the cost of replacing all my antiquated hardware, Is there a better solution?

We’ve sat with many business owners to explain “Our IT Department” which in fact when they partner with us becomes “Their IT Department.” We at Kotori Technologies have a solution to fit any size company’s needs, forget about the new six figure employee, the tens of thousands to replace all your hardware to become technologically up to date.   We offer a fix monthly low cost solution that will replace your servers, can virtualize your desktops, monitor your systems 24/7, back up your critical data and make it safe. No more worries, very low up front cost, and a monthly fixed cost to fit any budget. To find out more and see if we are a fit together to be technology partners call us today.