The Xbox and My Son

The title of this post really sounds like a Sci-fi kid’s book. I am not writing this to make you think how horrible the Xbox is or how much time it sucks out of the everyday life from all of our kids but to point out a silver lining in the dark cloud that seems to face us all. Our children are turning into techies at a very early age. I am not saying that they can write applications or build servers… though some can. Kids consume technology like a 17 year old consumes burgers! It just keeps going in without stopping. As fast as it changes, they are using it. This is good right? They have young moldable minds that want to learn. I think too many times parents get too concerned that they don’t understand it so they just let their kids figure it out. Not a good thing, I might add. Do you just let your kids watch Porn or Blood and Guts? When our kids are young we protect them from this. We tell them not to talk to strangers. We tell them they cannot go see that rated R movie. Well things like the Xbox and PlayStation 3 bring our kids to the world. Do you take some time with them and play these video games with them? Do you take the time and see who they are chatting with online? Take the time and learn what is going on with your kids and their online gaming. Ok so enough with the dark part of the cloud… now on to the silver lining.

My son is thirteen and he LOVES his Xbox. I will admit I have one too and when I have the time, I enjoy it. Benjamin lives in Montana with his mother and we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, but that is just a fact of life. Since this past summer, Ben has been asking if he could get Xbox Live for himself. His mother as any good mother said not until he got old enough. Well he turned 13 this year and his mom agreed that he could have it. He got to use my online account a few times while he was with me so he knew what he was able to do. Now he loves to play till 2-3 AM on the weekends with his friends from around the U.S. My nephew here in Charleston and Ben got together for a weekend. Jonathan came and spent the weekend with myself and Rene and at night Benjamin and Jonathan got to play some video games together. They were talking over Xbox Live and playing against and with each other over the internet. I jumped in and played a few games with my son as well. I was never into the online game play. I got Live for the downloadable content mostly. But, this got me thinking. What a cool way to spend some time with my son! He got an Xbox Kinect for Christmas this year. If you’re not too familiar with a Kinect, it allows for you to play games with no controllers at all. It has some VERY advanced electronics that track hand, arm, head and body movement. You basically play a game by jumping and moving around. I would say it is a bit more interactive than the Wii. Anyways it got me thinking how cool would it be to get me and Ben together to say hi or even watch a movie together over Xbox Live and Kinect. So I just wanted to share this one sliver of technology with you and how a dumb gaming system can bring a father and son a bit closer! If you want to know about some of the other really cool things other are doing with the Kinect check out I think you will be amazed as what some people are doing with it. See if you can find the flying robot!