Small business cost savings with PEER to PEER Networking

We all know in these hard economic times as business owners the last thing you want to spend money on is your IT department.  You’ve cut all the corners you could have, your still surviving and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully.  You used to have ten employees and now you’ve been making do with five.  The Server and network you have is the one you invested in five years ago. Sally complains every day the network is slow, the server has had its share of outages in the past few months, and you know it’s time for a new server, but to spend eight to ten thousand dollars right now is just not in the budget.  You could call us to be you’re your IT Department, but your just not there yet. What do you do?


Well since you are down to only five employees, we have a simple and affordable solution to get you back on top of the ever so changing technology curve.  A simple “Peer to Peer” network may be the right solution and fit your budget.  Remember that kind of expensive desktop you bought Sally last year, because she’s the loudest in your office when it comes to the computers, Well Sally may be your new Server girl.  With a Peer to Peer network any computer on the network can serve as the desktop and the server at the same time.  In a Peer to Peer network your desktop has network features that allow you to share files and printers alike built in to the software.  Now with us installing a simple SonicWall wireless total secure appliance, your network is back to full speed and much more stable than it was. So instead of spending thousands you’re up and running for about fifteen hundred, when you’re ready to expand again to ten or more employees we can always go back to the server network configuration that you once had because business will be much better and the budget will compensate for it. So don’t stress the small stuff, let us at Kotori Technologies show you how to stay “A Step Ahead”, and stay within your budget.