Strong IT Workforce Management Helps Prevent Chaos

A recent slideshow posted to CIO Insight discusses a critical problem with many companies’ IT teams: too much reactivity and not enough planning and prevention.

The slideshow presents results from a recent global survey on IT management, showing that IT staff in the companies studied deal with several unexpected problems every week on average. Over half the organizations report that their IT service delivery is in a “chaotic state.”

What happens when IT staff work in a state of reactivity?

  • Resolving the problem generally requires a greater number of staffers; they get diverted away from other important tasks.
  • Lack of organization, poor communication, and poorly defined roles slow down problem-solving.
  • The company suffers from costly downtime.
  • Employees’ productivity drops, and they (along with the IT staff) struggle with inefficiency.
  • IT staff fail to detect various problems – not only small ones, but also problems that could potentially undermine the company’s success in major ways.

How can strong IT workforce management help?

IT workforce management minimizes the chaos in an IT department’s operations and shifts the overall mentality away from pure reactivity.

The team starts reacting to IT problems in a more organized way, resolving them with greater efficiency. More importantly, they devote a greater amount of attention to monitoring, detection, and diagnostics. Consequently, they have more time to spend on careful planning, anticipating the kinds of IT decisions the company will need to make in the future and the changes needed to keep the IT-setup updated and performing well.

Companies can’t afford to get blindsided by IT issues, particularly when these problems are preventable and can get eliminated or minimized in advance. Contact us to find out more about our workforce management services.