Don't Forget Your Network Security: Fiber Optic Networks Need Protection Too

Cable cords are becoming a thing of the past. Everything has moved to the digital realm, therefore leaving the old technology of cords as an afterthought. However, without these cords, we would not be able to function those wonderful cordless phenomenons. No matter how trivial the fiber optic networks seem, they should still be a concern for security breaches.

 The Blind Cables

Underneath it all, fiber optic cables are working blindly. Even though they are out of our sight, it does not deter the power that they hold. They are transmitting our entire Internet empire throughout the world. If one cord becomes swapped or broken, our Internet connection will shut down, leaving us unconnected with the rest of the world.

Insecure Networks Are A Serious Threat

Recently, a new law passed declaring that companies have some form of Network Security  to protect data that transmits through cables, such as fiber optic cables. The threats that pose when these data are not secured are very high, both for the company and the customers involved. It is a necessity, both lawfully and to protect your information from becoming publicly known.


Not having protection for fiber optic cables is not something to consider lightly. Being prepared for the threats that plague other forms of data are also what the immobile data needs as well. Even though cables cannot be seen, encryption is still needed to savor the power of the Internet and the information feeding through it.

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