Three Key Issues IT Consulting Experts Can Uncover

CEOs and business owners need to focus on their company’s general development and progression towards its goals. They usually don’t have the time or inclination to start evaluating their IT configuration for issues that are slowing them down or exposing them to cyber attacks. Fortunately, high-quality IT consulting can optimize their IT set-up, improve productivity, and uncover critical issues.

The following are three kinds of issues IT consulting professionals may uncover at your business:

1) Mobile workforce and cloud-based security vulnerabilities

A recent article from Information Security discusses how the IT “security perimeter” for companies has changed, as employees work from a range of devices and locations, and companies rely on various cloud-based services¬†to conduct business. Although setting up firewalls and anti-malware programs on computing devices is an important step, it isn’t sufficient for protecting your data and network from unauthorized access.

With input from IT consultants, you can find powerful ways to uncover subtle holes in your defenses, restrict access to your system and verify user identities, helping you detect if a cyber criminal or an employee without the proper levels of clearance is attempting to gain access to your system.

2) Wasteful expenditures

Wasteful expenditures can involve equipment you don’t need at all or that you wind up quickly discarding after limited use. Sometimes, you invest in hardware or software that doesn’t work as it should or opens up weaknesses in your cyber defenses. IT consulting can help you find ways to trim unnecessary costs.

3) Inefficient configuration

With the help of IT consultants, you can improve workflow efficiency. For example, there may be certain tasks that you can automate, saving your employees time and reducing human error. IT consulting helps you find ways to improve productivity for a variety of business operations.

Please contact us to further discuss the benefits we can bring you with our IT consulting services. Strengthening and securing your IT set-up helps your company stay competitive and productive.