VoIP Phone Systems: The Technology Of The Future?

VoIP has been getting a lot of headlines lately, and it’s occasionally hailed as the telephone system of the future. After all the ability to make and receive phone calls via the Internet rather than using traditional phone systems sounds like the new wave in technology.

The thing is this new wave got started in 1995.

How Old Are  VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP technology was created in the mid-1990s as a way to avoid long-distance telephone charges. The first VoIP software went on the market in 1995, but in its early stages the technology had several hurdles to overcome. The Internet wasn’t as widespread then, and the speeds it operated at were nowhere near what was needed in order to provide clear calls. There was potential in the idea of turning spoken words into data packets and sending them through the net though, and as Internet technology grew stronger VoIP became more and more viable as a means of making telephone calls.

VoIP Phone Systems Today

Thanks to leaps forward in Internet technology VoIP phone systems today are quickly becoming a dominant force in terms of telephone use both by businesses as well as by individuals.

There are a number of reasons for VoIP’s popularity. First and foremost VoIP is cheap, and business-grade systems can start for as little as $40 a month  according to this source,  which makes VoIP significantly less expensive than most traditional phone lines. It can also offer bonus features free of charge, including things like call forwarding, caller ID, and other extras that a traditional provider would tack on fees for. VoIP provides robust, crystal-clear calls, and it is just as simple to use as a traditional telephone. All you have to do is pick up the handset and dial; the VoIP equipment does the rest for you with no extra input.

While VoIP isn’t available everywhere yet (given that it still requires a service provider and high-speed Internet in order to work properly), the technology is being embraced more and more. It’s possible that, eventually, VoIP will become the new standard and traditional telephone systems might be as quaint as telegrams.

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