IT Support for Manufacturing Companies: Four Necessary Qualities

If you run a  manufacturing  business, you have a variety of IT needs that are critical for your company’s productivity and success.

When calling on a Managed Services Provider (MSP) or more generally working with IT support professionals, what are four necessary qualities to look for?

    • The IT experts you work with need to have experience with manufacturing enterprises. Although there might be some overlap, the IT support you require isn’t quite the same as what you’d need in a regular office environment. For example, you might rely on unique software that runs robotic equipment or that measures the output of different operations in your manufacturing facility.
    • They need to anticipate technological developments and their effect on you. In addition to following developments in cloud software and other aspects of general computing, the IT professionals you work with should have their eye on developments in computing and technology that specifically affect manufacturing. One example is the dawn of 3D printing; how will this affect your product line and your operations?
    • They should have an eye on efficiency and savings. Ultimately, the IT professionals working for you should find ways to improve efficiency and save on costs. Is there a less wasteful way for you to procure and use raw resources? Are there certain operations that could be more streamlined and rely on more automated processes?
    • They should minimize downtime and lost data in the face of a disaster. If your facility is beset by a severe storm or your system comes under attack from cyber-criminals, you need IT experts on your side to ensure that your operations don’t come crashing down, especially not for a prolonged period of time. With their understanding of how your business operates, IT professionals can come up with effective back up measures and help you restore functioning quickly.

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