Change Management for Manufacturing Companies: Four Considerations

To successfully rely on their IT infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing companies need the ability to perform seamless upgrades and implement other changes across their systems.

Embracing digital technologies allows manufacturers to make the best use of their data, boost their output, and respond flexibly to changing economic demands.

High-quality IT change management is critical, so that any changes you make to your systems unfold smoothly, without resulting in protracted downtime.

Four Considerations

  1. Always double-check cyber security measures. If you introduce new kinds of equipment to your IT-setup or switch to a new software company-wide, make sure you’ve checked (and double-checked) for every possible security hole. Manufacturing companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks through multiple channels including cutting-edge, Internet-enabled devices such as industrial sensors.
  2. Keep channels of communication open. Remain attentive to questions and concerns, and solicit feedback from employees in different departments and locations, including the factory floor. You’ll be able to better respond to unexpected problems and evaluate issues that you hadn’t fully considered. Also, keep employees informed about the IT changes you’re introducing and how you’re implementing them, step by step.
  3. Draw up a concrete plan, but keep it flexible. What are your goals for these IT changes? What are the deadlines you want to stick to? Have you factored in possible sources of delay? Come up with a detailed plan, though also stay open to the possibility of last-minute changes. You’ll be able to monitor your progress and identify areas of inefficiency, along with any problems (such as incompatibility between a new and old component of your IT set-up).
  4. Try to keep the changes gradual. Don’t overwhelm your employees with too many changes at once. Help them ease into each one. Provide hands-on training, FAQs, or other forms of assistance whenever necessary.

For further advice on how to handle change management, please contact us. Manufacturing companies need to constantly adapt to new technologies to stay competitive. High-quality change management helps you deal with these developments without making preventable errors or becoming overwhelmed.