Get Help With Your BYOD Initiative

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about “bring your own device” or BYOD, but did you know that you need to plan and prepare for a successful implementation? To be effective, BYOD solutions must take into account workers’ habits and preferences while maintaining regulations around acceptable apps, device security, and device practices in the workplace. Let an IT consultant help you plan for BYOD to ensure a successful implementation.


BYOD Risks

Since IT staff need to provide support to employee devices, they have an additional burden when making the switch. Employees may have to troubleshoot devices with which they are unfamiliar, especially if you do not set a limit on what devices the workplace supports. Having all sorts of personal devices in the workplace can ultimately open up the workplace to greater risk if devices become lost, stolen, or hacked, particularly if you do not mandate security policies.

An effective and fair BYOD policy should cover what specific devices your enterprise allows and supports, what specific measures staff must take to protect business assets, what happens when employees leave the workplace, and under what circumstances devices can be remotely wiped.

It should also discuss whether employees can get reimbursed in whole or in part for purchasing a device, since not all employees may have a smartphone or tablet. If you need dedicated software to accommodate work functions, the BYOD policy should also determine whether the individual employee or the workplace pays for the software.

There are many advantages to be had by adopting a BYOD initiative. Putting policy first will ensure a smooth roll out and can help ensure buy in from staff. 

To talk more about how a consultant can help you successfully implement BYOD policies in your workplace, or to talk more about other aspects of BYOD, contact us. Thanks!