How Cloud Services Impact Businesses

Business owners often talk to us looking for a way to increase productivity. In just about every case, we recommend  cloud services. Here’s why.

Cloud services remove many of the bounds that limit a business’ potential. Since it’s been the standard for so long, most people just assume that work should be done in the office. What they’re missing is that this was never proposed as an ideal solution. There was just never a practical way to continue working outside of the office.

And that’s where cloud services come into play. The cloud allows businesses to access their files remotely. Whether employees are in the office or on a train heading out-of-state, they’ll be able to access their files. Think of this as a virtual office. It follows you wherever you go.

This white paper published by Data Logic explains the benefits of cloud services. According to the article, with successful implementation, businesses can use cloud services to shift some operations to mobile devices.

“By reducing the complexity of the implementation, companies that take advantage of cloud services can significantly reduce their costs and boost the return on investment of a mobile computing solution.”

We typically recommend cloud services for businesses looking to increase their productivity and give their employees more flexibility. But it’s also a good solution for those who are interested in cost-savings.

Cloud services also mean that businesses can stop investing in on-premise hardware. If you look at your monthly expenses in 2014, you may be shocked at how much your hardware costs add up.

All in all, cloud services are a solution that businesses should at least consider. If you’re looking to increase productivity or reduce expenses, then you should examine the service closely.

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