IT Change Management: Are You Communicating Clearly?

Adopting broad changes to your IT infrastructure presents a variety of challenges. To make the transition more smooth and ensure that the changes are understood and supported, it’s important to rely on high-quality IT change management.

Recently, DZone published an article discussing 10 mistakes to avoid with change management. A recurrent theme among the mistakes is a lack of communication.

What are some communication problems you should avoid?

The following are two major issues that can severely hamper your attempts at change:

  • No real consensus. Maybe the proposed changes to your IT infrastructure aren’t broadly accepted. The reasons may include a poor understanding of what’s going on or wariness about how the changes will possibly affect business operations. It’s important to discuss various alternatives and address people’s opinions and concerns. Ask for feedback and make sure there’s a genuine dialogue between IT personnel and different departments in the company.
  • Poor documentation. Making broad changes to your IT infrastructure is difficult if you don’t have clear documentation to work with, and if you don’t produce thorough documentation for all of the changes you’re implementing. It’s critical to keep track of any changes and maintain detailed, organized documentation. These good habits make it easier for people to enact future changes or to figure out the causes of various problems in an existing system.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with IT change management. When we work with your company, we’ll ensure that the changes are rational, cost effective, and beneficial to your business growth. We’ll also carry out our work in a collaborative and well-organized way, leaving you no doubt about what’s going on.