IT Consulting Can Help Improve Your Email Use

Emails are a fundamental form of communication, both in interpersonal and business contexts. To give you a better idea about the magnitude of email usage, one figure for 2015 put it at over 205 billion emails sent every day.

Emails among employees, between business partners, and between companies and consumers fuel productivity and serve as important marketing tools. Choosing the right email solutions for your company and managing them properly are necessary for your success.

Turning to IT Consulting professionals for help with email

The following are some of the email-related issues IT professionals can help you with:

  • Choices. For example, in what situations would you benefit from IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) vs. POP (Post Office Protocol)? Would you like to opt for an email client over web mail?
  • Security. Emails are regularly the means through which cyber criminals attack companies. For example, they send emails containing attachments or links corrupted with malware, or they use phishing in an attempt to solicit confidential data from employees. Business Email Compromise (BEC), in which hackers frequently pose as high-level company executives to obtain money and sensitive files, has cost businesses billions of dollars.
  • Reliability. If your business experiences frequent prolonged delays in email delivery, or if emails easily get lost in transmission, this poses a major impediment to your employees’ efficiency and productivity. Another concern companies struggle with is losing emails and not having any data backups to rely on. You need to know that your email service works when you need it to and doesn’t lose your data.

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your business emails. Maintaining quick, reliable email communications is essential for your company’s growth, reputation, and operations. We’ll help you strengthen email security, protect your data, and minimize downtime and delays.