Recovering from Disaster, the easy way

Natural disasters are all around us, everyday. They appear to be increasing in frequency, if media reporting is to be believed. More importantly, there are more opportunities for disaster to strike. Climate change, terrorism, internet scams, hackers, dissident workers, and natural catastrophes are all potential sources of disaster for your company. We are the cure.

Recovery from disaster is a planned process, something that must be worked on if it is to be successful. Many companies have a disaster response plan, but no disaster recovery plan. They’ve developed standard operating procedures for getting their personnel out of affected buildings and areas, cancelling work schedules, providing relief-in-place when possible and a myriad of other things for direct response to a disaster. But many have no established procedures for getting back to work afterwards. 

This is a serious failure that can result in even more disaster. You have backup systems in place to protect your data during an outage, but what if your authorized retrieval of that data starts causing denial of service problems? Too many requests to a backup server can shut it down as surely as any hacker attack, even if they are authorized. Too many computers, air conditioners, heaters, security systems, coffee pots and refrigerators all coming back online at the same time can short out an electrical grid as easily as a snowstorm can take down a power line.


We can help you set up a disaster recovery plan that avoids all of those potential pitfalls. Just contact us today to get started.