Take Disaster Recovery Seriously to Avoid Downtime from Hurricanes

Disaster recovery is always in the news whenever a natural disaster strikes and more businesses shut down as a result. Now that the southern part of the U.S. just recognized the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the media recently wrote about the lessons learned related to disaster recovery for businesses. When Katrina hit a decade ago, however, businesses didn’t have disaster recovery in place as much as you see today.

Regardless, far too many businesses still don’t realize the impact of what a hurricane (or any freak natural disaster) could do. While you may comprehend the risk of natural disasters, you may rely strictly on an on-site server that isn’t reliable. Along with the expense of keeping up a server within your company, you run the danger of a disaster destroying your server if you’re within the eye of a major storm.

Here in Charleston, we’ve certainly seen our share of hurricanes over the years, including Hugo in 1989. Far too many businesses shut down permanently, or faced enough downtime where it was too financially devastating.

Our most recent hurricanes that brought this kind of magnitude of disaster occurred 11 years ago with Charley and Gaston. Since then, some complacency might have set in along with new businesses that never faced a hurricane. At the same time, technology has improved since 2004 in the way of recovery of data.

Today, you can expect to have the cloud back your entire server up, along with plenty of other features to help you eliminate risk. With the cloud, you can quickly access your business data if you lose power or if your home office becomes destroyed.

Even better, the cloud lets you access your data anywhere in the world, which means that no matter where you relocate after a hurricane, you can get your business up and running immediately.

Here at Kotori Technologies, LLC, we provide these services to you with a level of transparency so you have complete trust in implementation and communication.


Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive IT services. With hurricane season still with us for a couple more months, it’s time to get prepared for the future, even if nothing happens in the immediate term.